At Initiative Technologies, we believe that each client is unique and therefore has different needs.

To ensure that the client gets exactly what they require in a timely manner, we employ a system of close and reqular consultation and feedback with the client throughout the various stages of the product cycle - Requirements gathering, Designing, Development, Testing and Quality Assurance, Deployment and Maintenance. 

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

The solutions we provide are Website Development and Corporate Email Systems.

Here is one reason to have a Website

Your customers and friends can tell others where to find you

Suppose one of your best customers wants to do you a favour and tell one of his/her friends about your organisation, thus recommend you.

If you have a website, then your customer in a simple email message can give clickable access to your website for his friend to read about what you offer. Without this, it's a question of finding literature "somewhere in that file". Then the package must be posted or faxed. It's all a lot of trouble and it takes a lot of time, which might put off your best customer from recommending you, hence, you will lose that business.

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