Benefits of Websites

Benefits of Websites

Some of the major benefits that businesses and individuals can derive from having websites are:

The most powerful way to present your best image

The most important reason of all for a website is that it can give the best possible and most complete image of your organisation to that potential customer.

Few will visit your office. Those who telephone the office may pick-up mixed signals as your telephone reception system handles their call. Your advertising or your press releases may be missed.

However, in your website you can arrange that the visitor gets exactly the impression of your organisation that is most appropriate. It is a relatively Low-Cost way to be making those important First Impressions.

The most cost effective selling force by far

You will rarely use only one selling approach, however it is useful to calculate the effectiveness of each of the possible approaches. This must consider the benefits in profit generated versus the costs invested in the approach.

The number of potential customers contacted via your website and the relatively modest costs involved put the Return on Investment (ROI) of a website far ahead of other sales approaches, such as paid advertising or visits by sales representatives.

Beat the competition

Many people use websites to find potential suppliers. 

The internet does a great job of leveling the playing field. So a new competitor with limited funds can be very visible on the internet. If your organisation is not there, then the competitor may be the only visible supplier. 

Provided what the website offers meets the customer's need, then the competitor gets the business. 

It's also important not to allow the competitor to be the first one with a website. It takes some time for a website to establish itself on the internet with the search engines. If your competitor steals a lead on you, then you may find it difficult to catch up.

The most attractive potential customers are looking for your website

More importantly, there may be new potential customers that you are not even aware of. Particularly if they are well equipped and have good funding, they are probably using the best uusiness tools to run their business. These are the preferred prospects that should be of keen interest to you. Such people are very likely to look for new suppliers on the internet.

If you are not well represented on the internet, they may drop you off their short list of potential suppliers.

Your most important customer will look for you on your website

Increasingly someone may look for your telephone number or your email address on the internet.

They may use a search engine such as Google to find it. Click on the Contact Menu and there's the telephone number or the email address. At least it is, if you have a website and it's been developed in the right way. Of course, your most important customer must not find anything on the website that raises questions about your reliability.

Your customers and friends can tell others where to find you

Suppose one of your best customers wants to do you a favour and tell one of his/her friends about your organisation, thus recommend you.

If you have a website, then your customer in a simple email message can give clickable access to your website for his friend to read about what you offer. Without this, it's a question of finding literature "somewhere in that file". Then the package must be posted or faxed. It's all a lot of trouble and it takes a lot of time, which might put off your best customer from recommending you, hence, you will lose that business.

More important than the organisation brochure

Your organisation’s brochure is a very useful and comforting document to have. It is something tangible that can be given to a visitor or a passer-by at a trade show.

However if you factor in the cost of developing and printing such a brochure, and the cost of getting it into potential customers' hands, the Return on Investment (ROI) of such a sales tool is very much poorer than the ROI for your website. The brochure may be looked at once or twice and then thrown away or filed.Brochures may so easily get out-of-date.

The website is always there, and it can easily be kept up-to-date every time needed.

Internet visibility requires time

When you do have a website, you want the search engines, like Google, to put it high in Search Engine Ranking Reports for the important keywords for your business. This does not happen overnight. Usually it will take a few months or more to begin to get good rankings. So the earlier you start, the better you will succeed.

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